Tuesday, 28 October 2014

winter warmers wish list

wishlist becky milk bubble tea

1. teddy bear robe - topshop
2. ripped jeans - river island
3. embellished beanie - miss selfridge 
4. fur collar coat - river island
5. unicorn hot water plushie - topshop
6. pastel rings set - new look
7. boots - new look
8. NARS eyeshadow - asos

I know a lot of you loved my fluffy teddy bear robe from topshop last year, well, its been re-stocked... so I couldn't not list it here. I'm tempted to buy another one in the fair isle print! I also need this unicorn hot water bottle plushie in my life it's the cutest thing ever. I am hoping New Look sell these beautiful boots in a size three in store, because they don't online (sob, sob) What do you think of my picks?

Sunday, 26 October 2014

My winter accessories

my xwinter essentials milk bubble tea becky
Here are m autumn winter essentials. Long gone are pastels, and suddenly i'm buying everything in cream, white or black. I'm also drawn to anything (faux) fur. Like this black asos bobble hat from here. I spotted this mock croc clutch bag in next here and I had to have it, it was only £12.00 it reminds me a lot of the whistles clutch which seems to be a blogger favourite but is far more expensive.
winter milk bubble tea
Its large enough to fit quite a lot of junk stuff in, such as my phone, chanel lip balm, smokey NARS due eyeshadows etc you know… only the absolute essentials. I also think a piece like this is timeless and will go with any winter outfit, such a bargain for just £12.00 too. What do you think?
fur key ring river island becky milk bubble tea
When I was in River Island, I spotted this furry keyring here, I absolutely love it, there was no way I was leaving the store without it. It comes in black, grey and blue. I fear my wardrobe will be full of furry things come the end of winter… at least it's cosy right?

Friday, 24 October 2014

Mini monthly beauty and skincare favourites

jo malone milk bubble tea becky
Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay body and hand wash / price £28.00 / available from here 
This body / hand wash smells absolutely incredible, using it in a bubble bath and then applying the rich body creme in the same scent, ensures I smell absolutely gorgeous all day. Tom's mum recently got bought the Peony and suede blush hand creme as a gift, I think that is the next scent on my list. 
becky elemis milk bubble tea
Elemis Cleansing Balm / Price £39.50 / available from here 
I have really been loving this cleansing balm from Elemis, it comes with a little flannel, it's quite a thick cleansing balm, which  I like. My skin feels really soft and nourished after using it. It hasn't broken out my acne prone skin whatsoever. It's certainly a luxury addition to my daily cleansing routine, my skin feels deeply cleansed after using (I remove my make up first and use this as a second cleanser) 
manga mascara becky milk bubble tea
Miss Manga Mega volume mascara / price £8.99 / available from here
This is the best mascara I have purchased in a long, long time. My lashes are so thick and full after applying two coats. It's almost, almostttt as good as wearing a set of false lashes. I have already bought a second tube of this for when this one dries out, as I cannot be without it.

What do you think of my mini monthly favourites?

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Alpro Tops Breakfast Challenge

I was sent a hamper from Alpro, it was full of goodies including a cool bag with their different yoghurt flavours. Boxes containing lots of toppings, even my own personalised little spoon, which was so hard to photograph but it was very cute. Anyways enough rambling… they asked me to create some yummy breakfast options with their Alpro yoghurt flavours and the toppings they'd provided me with.Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 12.04.45
One of my favourite flavours was Strawberry with Rhubarb. There was toppings galore, from Goji berries, chia seeds, chocolate curls, coconut, flax seeds, mango cubes… something for everyone!
alpro strawberry milk bubble teachia
Here I'd chosen plain yoghurt, topped with chia seeds, mango cubes and cranberries, mmm.
becky milk bubble tea
It was fun trying different flavour and topping combinations, what do you think?
alpro tops becky milk bubble tea
Of course this little guy was very intrigued and kept trying to get his paws on my breakfast...
oscar milk bubble tea
If you'd like to know more visit http://www.alpro.com/uk this post was not sponsored, I was just sent  hamper of goodies to try and review for the post :)

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

20 problems only short girls will understand...

Being under 5ft, I thought I'd write some problems that myself and fellow short girls experience on a daily basis. It's just a bit of fun, no offence intended :)

1. People like to pat you on the head, a lot. 

2. Keeping up with fashion trends can be a struggle. Jeans that have ripped knees are great. Until you pull them on and realise the 'ripped knees' are closer to your ankles. 

3. The top shelf in Tesco might aswell be Everest. Anyone else practically climbed the shelves? 

4. You have to be at least 5'4 to be a princess at Disney World. Maybe we could apply for Tinkerbell? 

5. Midi dresses are more like maxi dresses and high waisted jeans just about reach your underarms. 

6. You have to mentally prepare yourself before getting up onto a barstool. Someone somewhere will ask you 'do you need a hand getting up there' 

7. You are often confused for being a school child or a 12 year old. However 12 year olds are usually taller than you.

8. Anything remotely 'oversized' looks like a potato sack on you. 

9. You're standing and someone's sitting down next to you and they're STILL taller than you. They will probably tell you this. As if you hadn't already noticed. 

10. Standing on your tippy toes at the bar to get noticed, let alone served. 

11. Being Id'd for alcohol, goes without saying... Even lottery tickets, yes really. 

12. "Is it weird being that short?" "How's the weather down there?" "Would you like a kids menu?"

13. Going to hug a tall person and getting a crotch to the face. 

14. People think it's okay to use you as an arm rest. 

15. Getting neck strain from constantly looking up at everyone. 

16. Feelig like you're always sitting in a high chair. 

17. There's no point in shopping in stores that don't have a petite section. 

18. Being asked if you need a booster seat, anytime you're near a car. 

19. People think it's okay to pick you up. 

20.  Being called an Oompa Loompa. When you're not short you're fun sized. You're not small you're just a people Mcnugget. 

I hope you took these as just a bit of fun. If any fellow short girls have anymore they'd like to add please leave them in the comments :) 

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