Sunday, 23 November 2014

Simple ways to be that little bit happier

So everyone has bad days, I thought I'd write a few tips on how to get through it a little bit quicker, there is no 10 step programme to happiness, but maybe these light hearted pieces of advice will help and make you feel a little bit better.

1.Always remember everything is temporary including sadness, being heart broken and school.

2. When you're having a bad day. Avoid playing that Adele song on repeat, don't watch The Notebook, Google videos of puppies and kittens (don't act like you don't already do that too.)

3. Keep a happy journal. If you aren't really the pen and paper type. There's tons of apps, for your phone, like gratitude journal. It's easy to forget the happy moments when you're feeling down but looking back on the good times does cheer you up.

4. Indulge yourself. Even if it's just for one night, order that pizza, have that extra cookie, finish that tub of ice cream. 

5. Give up participating in gossip and quit the bitching. Girls bitch about other girls. Women empower one another. Magnify other peoples strengths, compliment more. You'll feel a lot better for it.

6. Change your hair style, try a new perfume. Read a whole chapter of that book you've been meaning to start.

7. That Netflix series will still be waiting for you when you get back, go to the gym, or even for a walk, it might seem like the last thing you want to do but you'll feel better for some fresh air.

8. Spending money, doesn't always make you happier. You might think you need those shoes from topshop. It's usually a quick fix and buyers remorse will probably set in soon after pressing 'order'.

9. Don't dwell on bad things that have happened in the past, everyone has been hurt. You'll get through it, surround yourself with positive people, it's cliche but things really do get better with time. 

10.  Don't compare yourself to others, it never does any good, learn to love yourself and your body the way it is. the chances are you notice the bad things about yourself a lot more than anyone else does, they're probably too busy doing the same. But I'm sure even Beyonce has bad body image days too, okay maybe not Beyonce but everybody else.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Recent beauty favourites

Chanel glossimer in 108 Constellation £22 available from here
I bought this whilst on the cruise. I'd never tried a Chanel lipgloss before, only the rouge coco shine lipsticks and balm. It's a beige, gold colour with pink undertones and is ultra glossy. It looks gorgeous on and is very long lasting. I only found it a little 'sticky' when my lips were very chapped. I will definitely be purchasing another one, of the Chanel Glossimers, I just need to decide on which shade to buy next!
Garnier Micellar Cleansing water - Available from here
For a long time I used L'Oreal 3 in 1 Micellar water to remove my make up, when I saw this on offer in Tesco, I thought i'd try it and I have to say I prefer this Micellar cleansing water by a mile! I use this to take all of my make up off, including waterproof mascara, before a second cleanse. I absolutely love it, it doesn't dry my skin out. It's hypoallergenic and for sensitive skin, so I will definitely be repurchasing this when this bottle runs out. A little goes a long, long way too. 
Vichy eye contour idealia eye cream* - here
This is a creamy illuminator for under the eyes, that claims to target signs of fatigue, dehydration and ageing. I didn't expect to see instant results after applying, but the pale pink cream did smooth out my under eyes and they did look noticeably brighter. I LOVE the soft applicator too... I'll be interested to see the results after a few weeks of using this. I'm always on the hunt for new eye creams / products.
Palmers Cocoa butter lip balm £2.00 can be found here
I have almost used up all of my Chanel balm, due to my lips being horrendously chapped now winter has arrived. I picked this one up, as I saw it was only two pounds. I have to say this is one of the best lip balms I've ever used. My lips feel so soft, silky and look healthy. Instead of dull, chapped and sore!
Intimately Beckham perfume for her 75ml can be found here
I always buy 'cheap' perfumes to throw in my handbag. I like spritzing away during the day without feeling guilty about 'wasting' it. I have my 'good' perfumes on my dressing table at home, which I use a little more sparingly. Silly really, but that's how I am. So I spotted this in home bargains for just £8.00 and it's lovely.  It's a fresh scent, with notes of rose petals and orange blossom, with a base of vanilla, sandalwood and musk. Basically it smells gorgeous and 75ml for £8.00 I couldn't resist.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Christmas preparations...

yankee advent calendar 2014Advent Calendar? Check. (this contains spoilers so if you don't want to know the contents scroll on)
I was sent this stunning advent calendar house from Yankee Candle, there's also a more modern advent calendar in the shape of a wreath. The Yankee Candle advent house contains a scented tea light behind every door. It contains the scents Candy cane lane, Christmas Garland, Christmas Cookie, Sugared Apple, Christmas memories, Spiced Orange, Snowflake Cookie, and on the 24th A Christmas Eve scented votive. Absolutely incredible, I am so, so excited for December first. There's also a Yankee Candle quiz app which tell you if your style is either christmas past or present which determines which scented christmas candles are more suited to you. What do you think of this? Better than chocolate? 
Buying any novelty / decorations / chocolate whenever I enter a store? Check. Slowly but surely my pile of christmas gifts, decorations trinkets and tat is piling up. I don't know why I'm in the festive mood so early this year? I really can't wait for it all to start. I'm excited for the first frost and snow fall, I've already watched Love Actually. I also absolutely love wrapping Christmas presents…just me? my family always give me their gifts to sit and gift wrap because I weirdly really, really enjoy it haha
This is kind of crazy but I never really knew about Michael Buble's Christmas album. I know, I know, where have I been? My boyfriend, who is a huge fan started playing it at the end of October (lol we are an annoying christmas mad couple) and I have fallen in love. So yes, I'm playing this and singing away in November. I regret nothing. Have you started your christmas shopping yet? Don't worry this will be the last christmas-y post for a little while, don't want to sicken you all to death before December even arrives!

Friday, 14 November 2014

Christmas for the home

christmas for the home
1. Penguin Jumper - French Connection
2. Billie Christmas iPhone case- Cath Kidston
3. Dachshund candle - Marks and Spencer
4. Polar bear slipper boots - New look
5. Christmas mugs - Marks and Spencer
6. Christmas spice candle - East of India
7. Make your own Mr & Mrs Santa Claus Pegs - Dot com Gift shop.
8. Reindeer Decorations - Next
9. Knit your own Monty and Mabel - John Lewis
10. Fair isle mittens - New Look
11. Christmas Blocks - John Lewis
12. Merry Christmas Candle - John Lewis

What do you think of my Christmas home ware picks? How sweet is the dachshund candle, I need him in my life that's for sure. I also love the polar bear slipper boots so cute and cosy. I already know it's a matter of time until I cave and buy a Christmas themed phone case. I love the knit your own Monty and Mabel, that would make a lovely gift or stocking filler, especially after the advert. I want everything!

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Life lately through my iPhone..

So November is here, which means filling the house with Christmas scented candles, and fairy lights galore. You seriously need to try this cookie dough spread from Tesco, it's like cookie dough in a jar. Certainly cold enough to bust out the super snug bear robe, mornings are freezing lately.
Starbucks hot chocolates, the honey and almond hot chocolate was amazing but of course I forgot to instagram the red cup oops. Speaking of scented candles this toasted marshmallow Yankee one smells amazing. I wasn't too impressed with this Chips Ahoy dairy milk, it was a little sickly, even for me. (100% choc-a-holic, as my boyfriend Tom knows all too well forever eating in his bed oops.)

Speaking of Tom we went out for lunch and had these amazing burgers the other day, the sweet potato fries were also to die for. I turned up at his house on Sunday with coffee and donuts. He then let me have two Christmas presents (very) early. He knows how much I love The Snowman so he asked his mum to knit me one, so, so thoughtful of them both and it's so soft and looks just like him! Tom also bought me a canvas of the snowman and the snow dog flying amongst the stars in the sky, past Big Ben, it lights up and is just stunning I will post a picture of it soon. I am a very happy, very lucky girl :) 

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